About us

It's all about fashion!

Located in the heart of historic Parnell, Apparelhr Fashion Resources was established in 2005 to meet the growing needs in the Fashion Industry for strategic recruitment, HR, ER, product development and advisory services.

A company who can work alongside apparel manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, importers and associated businesses. We assist new businesses with technical and manufacturing support from Design, Specifications, Sampling and Manufacturing.

To work in partnership as an extension of  a client's business, to truly understand their long term business needs, to service them fully with their immediate requirements.

Our Director

In the fast-paced world of fashion and textiles, Julie Malone stands as a seasoned luminary, bringing four decades of invaluable experience to the helm as the Director of ApparelHR. Her journey is woven with threads of passion, expertise, and a commitment to excellence that has defined her remarkable career.

Julie's odyssey began 49 years ago, immersed in the intricate art of patternmaking and garment construction. Over the years, she seamlessly transitioned through various facets of the industry, mastering production, design, HR, recruitment, and business management. This multifaceted expertise has become the cornerstone of her leadership at ApparelHR.

Beyond the tangible skills, Julie has carved out a niche for herself with an unwavering commitment to training and career development. Her reputation as a reliable mentor precedes her, and her guidance has become synonymous with solid advice and strategies that empower individuals to thrive in the competitive landscape of fashion.

As the steward of ApparelHR, Julie has cultivated a distinctive HR and recruitment style that is both client and candidate-focused. Proactive and results-driven, she approaches each opportunity with a keen understanding of the unique needs of both parties. Julie's methodology extends beyond mere placements; it encompasses a holistic strategy that ensures the right fit, not only in terms of skill sets but also in fostering a symbiotic relationship between employers and employees.

Julie's success is not merely measured by her ability to connect talented individuals with thriving companies but by her knack for cultivating long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. Her track record speaks volumes about her prowess in HR strategy, showcasing a talent for not only identifying but also retaining exceptional candidates.

ApparelHR, under Julie's astute guidance, has become more than a recruitment agency—it's a conduit for quality and excellence in the fashion and textile industry. To delve deeper into Julie Malone's impactful journey and the world she has cultivated at ApparelHR, explore www.apparelhr.com. It's not just a website; it's a testament to a career devoted to shaping the future of the industry, one thread at a time.

"I met Julie through recommendation from a colleague. Having known her over the time that I was living in New Zealand, she has not only become my recruiter, but also a dear friend. Julie is highly knowledgeable in the market of fashion companies, as well as finding the perfect fit in the job market for all lines of the fashion manufacturing and retail industry. I find her approach open and honest, and she is a excellent sounding board when it comes to career guidance in the New Zealand market. If anyone is wanting to enter the fashion industry, or further their career, I would highly recommend speaking to Julie from Apparelhr."

Our Team

With a modern office environment we have a stable of 35 contractors that are engaged for their specialist skills and experience on a project by project basis. This gives the team the flexibility to work in the office or from their own  workspace. We all love it and it is the perfect way for us to connect and accomplish strategic results.