The critical success factor in recruitment is in establishing the right specifications for both job roles and candidate profiles.
These specifications include company background, structure and detailed information regarding the precise skills required.
It's our experience and the investment of time at this stage that enables the HR process to run to strategic interview, selection & engagement dates, 
The experience of our team ensures quality of service throughout the recruitment process. Our recruitment consultants are dedicated to understand both the requirements of the role and each candidate's skills and experience.
During the in-depth pre-screening we also examine and document the candidate's personality traits and motivation, which is particularly useful to clients building successful teams, and normally present no more than two to four candidates for any one position. This gives you both sufficient choice and the highest quality of candidates.

We call unsuccessful candidates after job interviews following a full debriefing to help maintain our client's professional image.

Advertising Selection

This option is designed for clients seeking to recruit a number of roles without effecting core management functions. Our process identifies the best recruitment method for you, and allows us to manage the project at whatever level is most suitable.
Our service includes advertisement design, the writing of copy as well as media research. We also deal with all applications and enquiries, as well as pre-selection interviews.

 For the employer Apparelhr Fashion Resources is able to source through their vast networks in the industry, that perfect person for their critical role.